Good morning girls,
My day starts with a walk with my dog.It's cold in mornings so morning isn't the best part of the day!As u know, I hate cold weather!Now It's time to take a shower and go to do some business!
Have a nice day<3


Hi girls!
How was your day?
writing blog takes too much time!Now I have time for doing it seriously!:)
Today I got my German lessons and It was more interesting than ever!I swear.



Hello , my wonderful readers!
I start my day with a breakfast.Every day.I really need it because my mood become better and better with food.
In menu: fried eggs and a glass of water.


Good morning

Good morning,ladies!
I woke up really early about 6 am and It was hard because of the yesterday's little party!How was your friday,girls?
Tomorrow  will be Women's day in Russia so today is a day of preparation!All day I'm buing presents for my mummy,sister..I'm going crazy:)
Hope your day is good!



Hi girls!
How was yourk morning?For me it was the usual day.Nothing interesting happends!
I really miss summer!but who doen't?I'm in love with sun and hot weather.
I have got tons of swimsuits this one is from New Look  I bought it year ago in New York and It's absolutely amazing.This photos makes me a bit happier in winter time.

My little world

Say hi to my little dog!He is miniature pomeranian and he is 1,6 years old.I think It's the best dog for family with little children.The cute tiny fox will be your best friend.


Spring time

It's spring time but it doesn't meant  that the warm weather is coming too in Russia. Now It's about -2 degrees so I get off my winter coats and don't look like a pinguin.I can get on something more beutiful.Spring coat is a must have for "our" spring.I recommended something classical  version because you can wear it for a long time.A good coat can costs a lot,but classic is never go out of fashion. But If you want the unique one don't be scared.
I can't wait for the warmer weather because I want to show you my outfits.